Fashion Wedding Photography That Also Captures Emotions

The Peter Nguyen Studio offers fashion wedding photography in LA while still maintaining emotion and capturing raw, candid moments.

We are frequently asked by individuals, “how do you take great photographs?". As a team, we endeavor to build a workflow as so that we can consistently create astonishing photographs again and again.

Wedding Photographs.jpg

Great composition: We strongly believe that composition is what turns an average photograph into art. By using an array of methods, such as the rule of 3rds, leading lines, or framing, we are able to bring your photographs to a whole new level with fashion wedding photography in LA.


Capture the emotions:  Weddings are filled with emotions between you and your partner, your families, and your friends.We try our best to help you enjoy these moments while we capture them in the background for you to appreciate beyond the wedding day. This is why multiple photographers and an assortment of equipment are always present for your event.


We tell a story: Our photographs of your wedding day tells a story which unfolds before, during and after the event. We strive to express your love, your personalities, and your relationship all while documenting the day of.


Peter Nguyen’s fashion wedding photography in LA offers to document, create, and enhance your wedding day. If you desire to have your wedding photographed by the Peter Nguyen Studio, call714-655-2144.